We recommend the WERP system to those for whom the following aspects are important::

  • Automatic process management
  • Automatic document generation
  • Automatic accounting functions
  • Facilitation of accountants’ work.

WERP is an integrated enterprise management system accessible on the web, which includes the following main modules:

Finance-Accounting module:

  • Management of Customer/Supplier Invoices (recording incoming/outgoing invoices, automatic accounting)
  • Bank/Cash Management (incoming/outgoing cash documents, cash journal, tracking financial performances of bank statements, automatic accounting)
  • Miscellaneous Journal Management
  • Project/Cost Center Management

Material Management module:

  • Warehouse inventory management (incoming/outgoing, automatic accounting)
  • Automatic inventory accounting (FIFO)
  • Linking incoming goods to supplier invoices
  • Production tracking capability

Asset Management module:

  • Fixed assets registry

    (calculation of depreciation, multiple value variants, parallel accounting according to foreign ownership, automatic accounting)

Production Management module:

  • Planning and tracking of manufacturing processes
  • Operation sequence assignment
  • Raw material requirements for production ordering
  • Progression through the work process
  • Quality control at any stage of the work process
  • Custom fields assignable by the user for manufacturing, which can be used to generate a production operation sequence for each manufacture with the help of a truth table
  • Segmentation of the manufacturing process
  • Lists and reports

Payroll Module:

  • Custom payroll algorithms
  • The „Payroll” module allows for the payroll processing of employees with employment contracts. This area changes very rapidly, so we have not programmed the payroll algorithm into the system; instead, we have made it modifiable for user enterprises. Setting up modifications requires advanced knowledge, but overall, it is no more complex than an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Unlimited legal titles
  • Option to specify monthly salary and hourly wage
  • Flexible management of attendance data
  • Lists and reports

The entire system has a unified user interface. It automatically posts and accounts for everything. It handles any number of foreign currencies. It automatically calculates exchange rate differences. The exchange rate data can also be requested from the internet.

The web-based system can be deployed in two ways:

  1. With a Database Located at the User’s Site:

The data is physically located on a designated machine at the user’s premises. The client accesses the data through their own internal network. (It’s potentially feasible for the data to be accessible from anywhere over the internet.)

The user is responsible for data backup.

New versions do not update automatically; the provider, after consultation, installs the new version via remote access.

  1. With a Database Located at the Service Provider’s Site:

The data is physically located at the service provider’s site, and the client can access the data from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

The service provider takes care of data backup.

New versions update automatically; no separate installation procedure is required.


The system can be rented module by module, which is advantageous for both parties.



The installation is extremely simple: After downloading a free browser, you only need to install a downloadable program (plugin) on the computers where the system will be used. The installation time is less than 5 minutes.

YouTube videos about the WERP system:

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